A self taught artist and a fashion designer who always gets her inspiration mostly by observing people on the streets, movies, talented artists, surroundings, and any real life experiences. She was not sure to make this blog at first. She was too worried about what people will think of a rookie like her who dares to make a blog to exhibit her works. But then she pushed herself to make this blog, not only for her portfolio, but also for self improvement. She always has interest about art and fashion --though, she never knew she could draw portraits until a friend of her once showed her drawing of a random model and she was like ``WOW! That's really cool`` then she tried to make one at home. Once she's home she opened one of the fashion magazines and found the right object. Kenzo 2009 Ads Campaign was her very first trial. Satisfied with the result, she --herself couldn't believe that she finally made it. And as you might guess, She's in love with portrait drawings and fashion illustration ever since.